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12 Gardening Gifts for her on Mothers Day

Gardening Gifts for her - Boot Jack

I have put together a handy guide to our 10 gardening gifts for her on Mothers day in price order so there is undoubtedly something for your mum from £5.50 right up to our Seed Box Organiser Gift set at £78.00 Here are 12 gardening gift ideas for Mothers Day. It includes reasons why these…

5 Gardening jobs for February

5 gardening jobs in February - protecting your crops

Get inspired – Here are your 5 gardening jobs for February, get your seeds organised with a Seed Box & learn how to achieve blooms all year round. I don’t know whats happening in your garden but mine is certainly bursting into life with bulbs shooting up all over the place which is so exciting….

11 gardening gift Ideas for Christmas

Herb Planter kit in beautiful packaging

I have put together a handy guide to our 11 gardening gift Ideas for Christmas in price order so there is something for the gardener in your life starting at £5.50 for Seed envelopes, Welly Racks starting at £55, right up to our Seed Box Organiser Gift set at £78.00 It includes reasons why these…

How do I store seed packets?

store seed packet correctly

It is important to store seed packets properly to maintain their viability and ensure successful germination when you’re ready to plant them. Here are some guidelines for storing seed packets: Cool and dry location Seeds should be stored in a cool, dry place. Moisture and heat can reduce their viability. Aim to store seed packets…

Gardening Jobs For March

Gardening Jobs for March

Get  inspired – Here are your gardening jobs for March. Spring is officially here, and my garden is doing a merry dance. With tulips, daffs and bulbs shooting up everywhere. The snowdrops are in full swing along with the crocuses. The nights are pulling out and the birds are singing to me all the time….

I am proud Chester & Cooke is a sustainable company even our Brand stickers are recyclable.

Paper sticker on a box

Being a sustainable company is so so important to me. It is at the very heart of what we strive for.  I love the countryside and we have to look after our environment.  So it is just natural that Chester and Cooke is a sustainable company. When I look for any suppliers I look at…

How gardening gifts for men could help improve mental health?

Richard Chivers busy on the allotment

I feel so blessed to be in an era where mental health is a topic that is being more openly talked about. But feel men can still have a barrier to talking about these issues. So Lets explore mental health and ways to encourage its improvement, and how gardening gifts for men can help do…

Our Wooden Welly Rack has now been on ITV Love Your Weekend……

I can now officially say my wooden Welly Rack has been featured on TV! I received a surprise email from the producer of ITV’s ‘Love Your Weekend’ Hosted by the wonderful Alan Titchmarsh. He was very interested in our wooden welly rack and wanted to know more about us. They were interested in our sustainability,…

An Interview with Karen from @welliesandwaffles a successful Gardener and Social Media Star.

An Interview with Karen @welliesandwaffles Today we have a very special interview with Karen from WelliesandWaffles the passionate & successful Kitchen gardener. Karen has featured in both Kitchen Garden Magazine and also Grow your own Magazine; she has a large following on Instagram,  Facebook and You Tube. She loves to share her growing successes, trials, and errors (not many…

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