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Gardening Jobs for July

seed harvesting

Well what gorgeous weather we are having. Although I think we are all crying out for rain, to fill our water butts again. July is usually a busy time for gardeners in the UK as the weather is typically warm and plants are in full growth mode. Here are useful tips for gardening jobs for…

5 ways to organise your seed packets in your seed storage using seed divider cards

wooden Seed Box with clear engraved lid

Organising your seed collection efficiently ensures that you can easily find and manage your seeds, helping to maintain their viability and prolong their lifespan. Here are five ways to organise your seed packet collection in your seed storage using seed divider cards: 1. Organise your Seed storage by Planting Season Organise your seeds based on…

Gardening Jobs for April

Gardening jobs for April - Seed sowing

Get inspired – Here are your gardening jobs for April including shed tidying and Tool Racks, and your free garden planner. So how is your garden looking? I enjoyed seeing the Hellebores Bloom in March, and now we should have the joy of all these gorgeous bulbs coming to life.  We still need to be…

Gardening Jobs For March

Gardening Jobs for March

Get  inspired – Here are your gardening jobs for March including a free Garden Planner and tips on seed storage. Spring is officially here, and my garden is doing a merry dance. With tulips, daffs and bulbs shooting up everywhere. The snowdrops are in full swing along with the crocuses. The nights are pulling out…

5 Gardening jobs for February

5 gardening jobs in February - protecting your crops

Get inspired – Here are your 5 gardening jobs for February, get your seeds organised with a Seed Box & learn how to achieve blooms all year round. I don’t know whats happening in your garden but mine is certainly bursting into life with bulbs shooting up all over the place which is so exciting….

9 Gardening Jobs for November

Gardening Jobs for November - dividing perennials

Gardening jobs for November can be quite different depending on your location and the climate in your region. Here are some general gardening tasks you can consider for November: 1. Gardening jobs for November – Clean up & check for any required maintenance Before winter sets in, it’s essential to clean up your garden. Remove…

10 Things to look for in a Gardener’s Seed Box

Seed Box organiser gift set, showing the divider cards in the compartments.

When choosing a gardener’s seed box, it’s important to consider several factors that can help you organize and protect your seeds effectively. Here are ten things to look for in a gardener’s seed box: Size and Capacity of the Gardener’s Seed Box Ensure the seed box is large enough to accommodate your current seed collection…

Gardening jobs in October

Well it definitely feels like autumn is here now. The leaves are falling, helped by those strong winds. Here are some essential gardening jobs for October. Bulbs planting  & Seed Sowing Hopefully those spring bulbs should have arrived or will soon be on their way to you that you ordered last month.   This is the…

Gardening jobs for September

gardening jobs for September - prune climbing roses

In the UK, September is starting to mark the transition towards autumn in the garden. Here are some essential gardening jobs for September. Order those spring bulbs & Seeds:  This is the best job (I get so excited) so I have put this 1st on my list. Grab your garden planner and decide what areas…

Gardening Jobs for August

Gardening Jobs for August - deadheading

In the UK, August is a busy time in the garden as it marks the end of summer and the transition towards autumn. Here are some essential gardening jobs for August including growing herbs, sowing seeds and proporgating. Watering: August can be a dry and warm month, so make sure to water your plants regularly,…

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