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12 Gardening Gifts for her on Mothers Day

Gardening Gifts for her - Boot Jack

I have put together a handy guide to our 10 gardening gifts for her on Mothers day in price order so there is undoubtedly something for your mum from £5.50 right up to our Seed Box Organiser Gift set at £78.00 Here are 12 gardening gift ideas for Mothers Day. It includes reasons why these…

When to use Seed Harvest Envelopes & 5 reasons why to deadhead flowers

pink and white foxgloves in bloom

Flowers naturally reproduce, giving their garden loving humans a wonderful display.  However we need to do our part to keep these displays at their best, and know when to allow them to spread those seeds. I will be telling you when to use Seed Harvest Envelopes & 5 reasons why to deadhead flowers. I hope…

What is the best way to store seeds for a Year?

As Autumn has arrived and the weather seems to have turned, its time to think about your seed storage. Here I am going to give you 5 Tips for how to store your seeds to give them the best chance to maintain good viability and enabling them to make it through to the next sowing…

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