I am proud Chester & Cooke is a sustainable company even our Brand stickers are recyclable.

Paper sticker on a box

Being a sustainable company is so so important to me. It is at the very heart of what we strive for.  I love the countryside and we have to look after our environment.  So it is just natural that Chester and Cooke is a sustainable company. When I look for any suppliers I look at the ethos and sustainability of their company too. I am really pleased with my new stickers from  Discount stickers printing like us even their packaging is recycled and recyclable.  But before it is recycled it will be reused by me first in the packing of my orders.

paper sticker from Discount stickers

Paper Stickers and Paper bags

When we go to an event or show the bags we use, must be made of paper, so they can be resued and recycled. So our stickers needed to be too.  This is why we chose  Discount Stickers.

The fantastic guys at Discount Stickers were so helpful to ensure we got the correct type of sticker. Their website was so easy to use and they can help with your artwork as well. The system to send and approve Artwork was brilliant.

We are over the Moon and ready to go to our next show with all our branded Bags.

Chester with our Paper bags and paper stickers

Encouraging our customers to reduce, reuse, recycle.

We like to encourage our customer on the sustainability journey by encouraging them also to recycle and reuse our packaging, I had these lovely stamps made by The English stamp company.  as we like to keep it British and love to support small business.

recycle stamp

Sustainable Packaging

All the packaging for my Seed Boxes & Herb Planters and Boot Jacks are all recyclable. All the screw sets that are sent out along with my Welly Racks come in Paper envelopes, (No plastic). We only use paper tape which can also be recycled.  Did you know if you use plastic tape it can prevent cardboard boxes being recycled if not removed.

I love to reuse all my supplies packaging too, so if you do see any packaging such as bubble wrap you know it has been reused.

The compost in our Herb planter kit is Coco Coir from cocoandcoir.com which is a fantastic company. We refuse to use Peat compost – check our my blog here to find out why using peat compost in your garden is so bad for the environment.

We like to package this coir compost up in biodegradable bags. So you can add them to your compost bin after use. (or even reuse them 1st)

Seed Box in recyclable paper packaing

packing for the Chester & Cooke Seed box

Converting our workshop to LED Lighting

We are on the continual process of keeping Chester & Cooke a sustainable company. I am very pleased to say we have recently converted all our lights in the whole of our workshop to LED.  This is something we have been striving for and I am so pleased to say we reached this goal. Which has a massive saving of 39,726 tonnes of CO2 each year.  This makes me so happy.

LED lighting

Tree Planting

As most of our products are made from Wood I also feel it is very appropriate that for each product  over £20 sold on our website we donate a tree via the Tree App.  So rest assured your purchases from Chester & Cooke is planting a tree and helping reduce the impacts of climate change.

Chester & Cooke supports tree planting

I hope you can see that I am really passionate that Chester & Cooke is a sustainable company. It is a continual journey and one that I will never stop trying to improve and reach further goals. One day I would like to be able to say we use all renewable energy and have our own solar panels. This is definitely a goal a will strive for.

Thanks for reading and I hope this has inspired you in some way to perhaps also make a change.

Liz x

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