5 ways to organise your seed packets in your seed storage using seed divider cards

wooden Seed Box with clear engraved lid

Organising your seed collection efficiently ensures that you can easily find and manage your seeds, helping to maintain their viability and prolong their lifespan. Here are five ways to organise your seed packet collection in your seed storage using seed divider cards:

1. Organise your Seed storage by Planting Season

Organise your seeds based on the time of year they need to be sown. Create separate sections for:

  • Spring
  • Summer
  • Autumn
  • Winter

This method helps you quickly identify which seeds to plant as the seasons change, ensuring you never miss the optimal planting window.

With the Chester & Cooke seed storage box you can use our personalisation option to engrave the internal sections with the seasons. 

Internal sections of a seed box engraved with seasons.
You can Personalise the lid, Internal compartments and the front of a Chester & Cooke Seed Box. Starting at £70 a brilliant Gardening Gift.

2. Sort your seed storage by Plant Type

Group seeds by the type of plant. Common categories include:

  • Vegetables (e.g., tomatoes, carrots, lettuce)
  • Herbs (e.g., basil, cilantro, mint)
  • Flowers (e.g., marigolds, sunflowers, petunias)

The standard engraving on our Seed storage box has Veg, flowers and Herbs engraved on the internal sections so it really helps you get organised. You can purchase your Seed Box HERE.

standard engraving of veg, herbs and flowers.
The Chester & Cooke seed box starts at £70 has option to personalise the lid, front and internal compartments

Using the seed divider cards gives you that extra option to sort them further. 

Seed divider cards
Seed Divider cards – a pack has 3 sets, one sets with the months and 2 blank sets for you to choose your organisation method. £7

This method is useful for gardeners who love to grow produce and have a garden full of flowers, Some seed packets are oversized such as runner beans or a herb collection of seeds, these larger seed packets fit perfectly into the front compartment of our seed box. Using the front seed divider cards gives you the ability to sort the seeds in this front section as you choose fit such as into plant type.

3. Organise your seed packets in your seed storage box by the month or season they bloom.

You may be aiming for blooms all your round somewhere in your garden. – You can use my Free Garden planner available below to help you to achieve this.

If this is your goal organising your seed storage box in this way will really help identify plants that can fill the gaps in your garden. You can either achieve this with personalising your seed box with the seasons or using your seed divider cards to be able to identify the months the plants bloom. 

Gardener's Seed divider cards
Seed Organiser cards – 3 sets in a pack – £7 fits perfectly into a Chester & Cooke Seed Box

4.Stort your seed packets by Lifespan

Sort your seeds based on their expected viability. Seed packets typically indicate how long seeds will remain viable:

  • Short-term (1-2 years)
  • Medium-term (3-4 years)
  • Long-term (5+ years)

This helps you use older seeds first and ensure they don’t go to waste.

sort your seed collection by the expiry date
An option is to sort your seed collection by expiry date.

5. Organising by colour

You may have a plan for your garden which involves grouping colours in certain areas.  Therefore organising your flower seeds by colour may be an option for you.

You can use our seed divider cards to organise your seeds, firstly into the Plant category as shown by the engraving on the seed box and then into colour groups using the seed divider cards, we have left 2 of out the 3 sets blank so you can decide on your organisation method..

sort your seeds using seed divider cards by flower colour

Get your FREE Garden Planner

If you are planning your garden using colours or if you want to have some blooms in your garden all year round then this garden planner is just the thing.  I have created a printable planner which will help you organise your garden, helping you to understand what does well and where you have gaps at what time of year.

Get the Chester & Cooke Garden Planner

2 stage seed organising using Seed divider cards


If your using our standard seed storage box with the engraving organising your seeds into plant type you can then organise further.  You may decide to do this differently for each plant type.

Our seed divider cards are sold in sets of 3 (one for each of our middle internal sections) one set has the months already printed on them as this is a common way to organise them. But this could either indicate the month of bloom or the month they need planting.

I have left the other divider cards blank so you can choose the way in which you want to organise your seed packets further. Such as flowers into colours or you may want to indicate when you need to sow them before.

Tips for Maintaining Your Seed Collection

Label your Seed packets 

If you harvest your own seeds – Clearly label each seed packet with relevant information, such as the seed type, planting season, and expiration date. – You can purchase Seed Harvest envelopes here which has prompts on them to remind you to record this information.

Use – Silicon sachets

If you have harvested your own seeds you may run the risk that you haven’t dried them thoroughly enough. This can cause your seeds to go mouldy, and ultimately effect other seeds in your collection too.

Silica sachets - help to lock away any moisture

Use Seed Divider cards:

Utilising divider cards within your seed storage box will keep different categories separate and organised.

Gardener's gift -seed divider cards
These front divider cards and garden planner are a great addition to a Chester & Cooke Seed Box – £9

You can purchase the middle section of your seed storage box – seed organiser cards HERE

And Front seed divider cards HERE

Maintain an Inventory: 

Keep a list of your seed collection, noting the quantity,  date of harvest and the expiry date. This helps you track what you have and what you might need to restock. You can keep this in the front section of your seed box so you can always keep it up to date as you use seeds, purchase or harvest more adding to your collection.

Check Your Seed storage regularly:

Regularly check your seed collection to ensure seeds are in good health and no don’t have any issues. Check sow by dates and discard any that have passed their viability date. Or if they are near to it get them sown if timings are suitable.

You can purchase a gift set which includes our seed storage box, seed divider cards and seed envelopes, which has a great saving and is a wonder Gardening Gift for any passionate gardener.  You can purchase this Seed Box gift set HERE

Gardening gift set
Gardening gift set – seed box, divider cards and seed envelopes – £88

I hope you like these ideas of how to manage and organise your seed packets, within your seed storage box and hope you agree that using our seed divider cards can be really beneficial to your seed organisation and how this can impact the development and passion for your garden and gardening. You can shop my Gardening range HERE including seed boxes and seed organiser cards.

Happy Gardening X Thanks for reading Liz.


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