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5 reasons to use a Herb Planter.

Herb Planter Kit

Using a herb planter offers several advantages for growing herbs. Here are some compelling reasons to use a herb planter: Herb Planters optimise your space  Herb planters allow you to maximise the use of limited space, particularly if you have a small garden, balcony, or indoor area. With a planter, you can grow herbs on…

An Interview with Karen from @welliesandwaffles a successful Gardener and Social Media Star.

An Interview with Karen @welliesandwaffles Today we have a very special interview with Karen from WelliesandWaffles the passionate & successful Kitchen gardener. Karen has featured in both Kitchen Garden Magazine and also Grow your own Magazine; she has a large following on Instagram,  Facebook and You Tube. She loves to share her growing successes, trials, and errors (not many…

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