5 reasons you should use a Welly Rack to store your Wellies.

a person sitting crossed legged with red trousers and welly boots., which need a wellington Boot Rack to hang them on

Welly boots are not cheap items of footwear, we need to look after them in a way that will really get the longest life out of them, use a Welly Rack to store your Wellies will help to make this possible.

A wellington Rack with a shelf on a sage coloured walk with a boots hanging and a hat on the shelf.


My number one reason you should use a Welly Rack to store your Wellies is…..

  1. and this is a Biggy, is the main cause that Wellington Boots can deteriorate. Wellies left in a pile on the floor or stuffed into a bag or cardboard box all bent over can crease. It can cause the rubber to start weakening. Or even crack or start to perish the rubber. Even if your boots are flat on their side, the angle the foot is, compared to the length of the boot on the floor will cause an area to weaken. Storing your wellies either stood up. Support by a boot tree (if required) or hanging from a wellington rack, so the full length of the boot is free from creases will prolong the life of your boots. The same will apply to leather country boots.



Use a Welly Rack to store your Wellies will help to maintain the quality of your wellies.

  1. Another reason you should use a welly Rack to store your Wellies is the rubber on welly boots will start to perish if they are exposed to sunlight and extremes of heat or cold. Storing them away in the summer months is the best idea. On a Wellington Rack in the garage, utility or Boot room will keep them out of the harsh sunlight and in a cooler environment. For those of you that like to leave them in the car ready for the next dog walk. Be aware of those cold nights in winter. Your wellies will not thank you for being subjected to extremes of temperatures, so bring them in and keep them in a warmer environment.

A wellington boot that is perishing


A Wellington Rack gives your boots a home.

  1. If your Wellies, Country Boots and walking boots all have a home they can call their own they will be out of the risk of danger.  They will no longer run the risk of becoming damaged from that pile of equipment that has been thrown on top of them, when they’re not in use. There is nothing worse than finding your wellies with a hole in them from an incident. If you keep your boots in the same place, there’s a better chance you’ll find them.  In the pre-walk scramble to get ready Gloves, hats and welly socks always like to go missing when you need them. Are you with me? So having your boots in their rightful place will give you more time walking and less time looking. This is a great reason to use a Welly Rack to store your Wellies.

A wellington rack hung in an outside porch with 4 pairs of welly boots


Wet & Muddy Wellies and keeping tidy and clean.

  1. Hanging your wet wellies up is a great way to dry them after use. It’s advised to give them a wash down after use, especially if you have been to the seaside. Salt and wellies do not mix and will cause horrible streaking. Put them out of the way on a Wellington Boot Rack will keep any mud you missed contained and stop your floor or boot area becoming a mess, it will allow them to be in a position that they can dry off. Instead of them being stuck to another wet welly. Remember if you got the inside wet, use some old newspaper to pad them out and help dry them off.people in the sea with their wellies on

A treasured piece of storage furniture

5. If you store your wellies outside in a shed or garage. My 5th reason why you should use a Welly Rack to store your Wellies, is to stop any creepy crawlies making a home in your boots overnight. Not only spiders but I’ve heard of people who found mice in their boots when they went to put them on. Hanging them from a Welly & Boot Rack is the perfect place to store your wellies and to stop unwanted visitors. A great welly rack can also be a great piece of personalised furniture. Like our Chester & Cooke welly rack.

Our passion at Chester & Cooke is personalisation, and it can make a real feature in your home, not to mention helps to tidy every thing away. If you need inspiration on how to personalise a welly rack my blog How to make your home unique with Personalised Home Décor may be of help.


Chester & Cooke Wellington Racks

Our Wellington Boot Racks can be purchased in different sizes from 2 pairs to 5 pairs, with the option of a shelf.  They come with the standard engraving of Wellingtons, or the option of personalisation. They start at £55 and can be purchased here.

A customised wellington rack with wellies hung an a dog lead hanging from the hook


A personalised Wellington Rack



While we are talking about taking care of your wellies. Another sneaky tip, is to take care how you remove them. Prizing them off on the back step or with your other foot can cause stress to the heel.  This will lead to splitting. Use a boot jack this will be much kinder to your wellies and alleviate that stress to the rubber on the heel & not to mention your back, it will take all the heave-ho out of the performance. Check out our blog – 5 reasons to use a Boot Jack for other reasons why they are a great item to have to hand after a walk.

Chester & Cooke Boot Jacks

Our Boot Jacks have a handy leather strap to hang it from your Welly Rack, so you will always have it to hand. We have also designed it to have a children’s wedge so they can also take their boots off with ease.

Our Boot Jacks are £21.99 and come with 15+ different designs for you to choose from. You can purchase them here. They are great presents for Grandparents and for any dog owner or country lover. We can also personalise these at an extra cost too.

A Boot Jack lent up against a pair of wellies

wellies with a split in the heel

I hope you have enjoyed reading my blog ‘5 reasons you should use a Welly Rack to store your Wellies’.  Some Wellies cost upwards of £300. So the cost of a Wellington Boot Rack to prolong their life will be a great investment.  I’m sure its one you will be very pleased to make. If your still not convinced why, not check out our gift set of a 2 pair welly rack and Boot Jack gift set.  It will save you some money too they start at £62.99 and they can be purchased here.

Remember you can always read my reviews on Trust Pilot to find out what my customers think.

Thanks for reading ….. Liz x

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