How to make your home unique with Personalised Home Décor

Brown Wooden welly rack with a shelf hung on a porch outside, holding wellingtonsa house

Making our home the way we want can be a real challenge.  Finding those home décor items that turn your home into that cozy, quirky style can be hard but making your home unique doesn’t need to be.  Adding personalised home décor can fill your home with memories, love and uniqueness that your friends and family will want too.

They say ‘a picture is worth a thousand words’, but when words are written they are just as powerful. They create feelings and emotions and bring memories to life.

What does it mean to be unique?

In simple terms it means, Being the only one of its kind.

If you personalise a home décor product it becomes an item that then has a deeper connection with you, your family and home. That will turn a standard item into a special item that is unique to you.

What would you write on your Personalised Home decor?

I would say at least 70% of the Welly Racks we sell are personalised.  – Personalised items are my favourite type of product to make as I know they will be an item that will be treasured and each time it is used it will be looked at and create feelings that warm people’s hearts.

Using a Family name on Personalised Home Decor

A lot of our items are personalised with the customers family name, either on its own or with the added words such as Coats or Hats for our Coats racks and  Boots, Wellingtons, Wellies for our Welly Racks.

Families are proud of their names, Based on this research, it’s clear that hearing your own name definitely causes something special to happen in your brain. It’s like you are stating this is our home, and it makes you feel good its a sense of belonging and ownership.

Wooden coat rack with 4 hooks personalised with Milton Coats
An example of using a family name on Personalised Home Decor


Wooden 5 Pair wall hanging welly Rack engraved with a family Name showing wellies hanging.
An example of Personalised Home Decor engraved with a Family name.


Using a House Name on Personalised Home Decor

If your house has a name which you really want to make known, a name that helps to put that mark of home, a name that just shouts ‘I’m Loved by my owners,  My owners are proud of me’. This personalised home décor option is for you. We have personalised many Welly Racks, Coat racks, Kindling boxes and more with house names on them.

Some people use Welly racks on their porches outside and it helps to draw attention to the name of your house for the delivery people that come to call. Which is a real bonus.

personalised home decor - kindling box next to a log burner
An example of using a House name on personalised Home decor – Photography by Chris Parker


Wooden Brown welly Rack personalised with Holly Cottage on a red brick wall.
Example of a welly Rack personalised with a House Name

Pets owning their own Personalised Home Decor

Our pets are our best friends, part of the family and truly loved. So they also want to lay claim to what is theirs. Our Personalised dog beds really hit the spot.  These are a piece of personalised furniture that will really add uniqueness to your home. Our Personalised lead racks also are a favourite to be personalised with cute nick names for our pets rather than their full name.



Personlised lead rack on wall with leads and collar hanging from it.
An example of using a Nick name for a Pet on their Personalised Home Decor


Cocker spaniel in a personalised wooden dog bed looking longingly at the owner
An example of Pets owning their own Personalised Beds


Personalising Home Decor with Memories – Saying, Dates & Places

Have you thought about adding a saying that has a connection with your family or friends, a saying that came about on a fond holiday or memorable event. The date you met your loved one, the date you married. (A great idea for valentine’s day.)

A memory can be associated with a particular item in your home so wellies and Welly Racks or Boot Jacks would remind you of a time you lost your wellies in the mud out on a very wet and muddy walk. And a saying came from that, a great example of this is Celine from @wintercoombe_labradors on Instagram who got so badly stuck in a bog she had to be pulled out.

Lady stuck in a Bog
An Example of an event which will be in memories and cause laugher for a long time.

Celine’s saying was – ‘Even my Whistle is muddy’ a event what caused such a giggle it won’t be forgotten in a long time. Here is her Personalised Boot jack.

Personalised Boot Jack on a wooden background

Personalised items like that can be real conversation starters but will keep fond memories alive for a long time.  Providing that feel good factor that we all love.

Personalisation using dates is a great way to be sure never to forget an anniversary or a special event.

Personalised Home decor - Coat Rack with the date the couple met.
Personalising a Coat rack with the date the couple met


Welly Rack hanging on a white wall in a outside porch storing wellies & umbrellas
An Example of using a phrase on Personalised Home Decor

A perfect gift for a special friend or special occasion

As you can see personalised home décor products really do make your home unique creating emotions, feeling and memories. Giving gifts of personalised home décor products such as Herb Planter’s, Coat Rack, Wellington Racks & Boot Jacks are the ultimate special gift for that special person in your life. Each time they look at your gift they will be reminded of how thoughtful and kind you are and how special you are to them too. A personalised gift for a special event is also a Winner. Reminding people of the special occasion and your part in it, creating a bond in your friendship.


Grey Herb planter Box personalised home decor gift for an anniversary
Personalised gift for a special occasion
Personalised Wooden Boot Jack with a leather hanging strap
An Example of a Personalised gift for a Birthday present engraved with a phrase.

I hope you agree that Personalised Home Décor products can really transform your home into a unique living space that will become filled with memories reminders, emotions, and uniqueness, most of our products can be personalised so it is not just for in the home but we love to personalise items for the Garden and Stable too. I am always happy to help if you have any special requests so please do get in touch. Sales@

Thanks for Reading



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