5 Reasons to Buy a Bespoke Welly Rack in the Summer

Often people don’t associate Wellies with the summer.  However, this is a great time to buy a bespoke welly rack. Here are 5 reasons why.

1. Tidy up after a wet Spring and Prepare for Autumn 

I often end up storing my wellies away into the Summer months.  For 2 reasons, the morning dew still means wet feet in the mornings. And 2 wellies are great to slip on to run out into the paddock or garden. It’s only when it gets really hot that I store them away properly. We have a free-standing welly rack in the house, which I use every day.  And we have a wall-mounted bespoke welly rack in the garage for the wellies not in use. 

free standing welly storage.
Free standing welly racks – 3 pairs up to 8 pairs can be personalised starts at £65.

Whatever the season, if you own wellies a bespoke welly rack is the perfect way to store them.  This will ensure you keep them in the best condition. Summer is perfect to prepare for the wetter and muddier seasons. By investing in a welly rack now, you ensure that you’re prepared for the influx of muddy boots once the autumn rains and winter snows begin. This proactive step can save you from the hassle of scrambling to organize footwear when the weather turns.

Summer is a great time to store your wellies away on a bespoke welly rack

2. A great time to declutter and re-organise

Summer months are perfect to declutter and reorganise your home and outbuildings like your garage.  Clutter builds up over time and there are many items that we no longer use. Are worn out or we just don’t love anymore.  As you declutter, getting more organised is the next step.  I have a great blog all about decluttering with lots of hints and tips about how to do it. Prevent becoming overwhelmed and keeping you positive. – read it HERE.

Buying a bespoke welly rack is the perfect addition to any boot room. Utility, hall way, garage or shed. Getting your wellies stored correctly is so important. You can Shop for welly racks HERE.

But why is it so important to store your wellies correctly? – Read my blog HERE about keeping your wellies in tip top condition.

Declutter your garage or shed in the summer get organised with a bespoke welly rack
Eye spy the welly…… Its not a great place to store your wellies in boxes with other items on top this will lead to damaged boots.


Father's Day gift ideas - bespoke welly rack
Wall mounted welly racks – start at £55

3.Personalise your Bespoke welly rack

Ordering a bespoke welly rack in the summer allows you time to think properly about the personalisation you require. Let’s face it, once it’s been made and hung on the wall you want it to say something that really means something to you.  Something that will stir your emotions. Something to make you feel a connection to your home and the memories your wellies create. I am a big believer in memory-making and keeping those emotions alive.  A phrase or word could remind you of a special adventure while wearing your wellies. Or with a special person in your life. So take your time and personalise your bespoke welly rack with something that will make you feel tingly inside each time you look at it. You can check out this blog which will help to give you ideas for personalisation.

use a bespoke Welly Rack to store your Wellies
Welly racks start at £55 2-5 pairs with or without a shelf.

4. Optimal Weather to Install your bespoke welly rack

Summer’s favorable weather conditions make it the ideal time for any home improvement project, including the installation of a bespoke welly rack. Whether you’re installing it in your hallway, mudroom, or garage, you can avoid the challenges posed by cold or rainy weather.  Ensuring a smoother and quicker setup.

install your bespoke welly rack in dry weather to make life easier.

5. Enhance Outdoor Activities

Summer is a season filled with outdoor activities. From hiking and gardening to beach trips and festivals & camping. A bespoke welly rack provides a convenient and organised way to store and dry out boots, (remember to wash the salt off if you have been wearing them in the sea). A welly rack helps to keep your home cleaner and reducing clutter. This means you can easily grab your wellies for spontaneous adventures and quickly store them away afterward, maintaining a tidy living space.

go on an adventure with your family.

Our standard wellingtons rack says wellingtons.


Investing in a bespoke welly rack during the summer offers practical benefits and ensures that you are well-prepared for the upcoming seasons, all while taking advantage of ideal conditions for installation. You can shop for your  welly Rack HERE

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