12 helpful hints for decluttering and spring cleaning your Home:

Decluttering and spring clean your home

Decluttering and spring cleaning can be a daunting task, but with these helpful hints and the use of a Wellington Boot Rack, Coat Rack, and possibly a Key rack your tasks can be made easier.

1. Set Clear Goals: 

Before starting, decide what you want to achieve. 

Is it clearing out a specific room, organising cupboards, or getting rid of items you no longer need? Decide how much time you have to allocate to the task to help you decide which room is best to tackle. Overestimate how long it will take you to declutter and spring clean.  You don’t want to have to leave a job half done. If you have clear goals it will keep you focused. 

2. Start Small: 

Tackle one area at a time rather than overwhelming yourself with the entire house. Start with a single room and depending on the room and who uses it involve other family members. We don’t want arguments when you throw something away by mistake. Make sure the goals are clear to everyone before you start. 

As well as a mission to tidy and clean your home you could pitch the activity to your family as a Charity event. Where the aim is to make money for a charity by gifting items to sell.  People may be more willing to part with items that they don’t use but are not 100% sure of getting rid of. You could take it a step further than donating to a charity shop and perhaps have your own table top sale. Choose a charity that is close to your heart. PKD charity is my go to charity. – Find out why in Our Story about how Chester & Cooke came into being.

3. Plan Ahead for your decluttering and spring cleaning

Think about which rooms you are going to tidy and when you want to do them. Do the carpets need cleaning in those rooms? Think ahead if you need to hire a carpet cleaner or if you plan to get someone in to do it. Ensure the room can be left empty to dry.  Ideally choosing a warm day so it will dry quicker.

Declutter and spring clean - clean your carpets

Similarly does your sofa need a refresh? There are great companies out there that will clean your sofa and it will look like new again.

Check windowsills and skirting do they need attention, from a fresh coat of paint. Knowing these things will help you plan ahead and which rooms to tackle in what order.

Organising your spaces involves having good storage boxes, racks, and containers. Before you start, make sure you have purchased these so they are ready to be used after finishing your decluttering and spring cleaning.

Wellington Boot Racks

If you need to organise your wellies, you can purchase and personalise your Wellington Boot Rack HERE. If you have space on your wall a wellington Boot rack makes a massive difference keeping tidy. 


decluttering and spring cleaning - getting your wellies organised with a wall mounted wellington Boot rack.
Wellington Boot rack – 2-5 pairs with or without a shelf starting at £55.

If you don’t have room in the house, it could live on a wall in your garage or you could opt for a free-standing floor version. These come in sizes to hold 3 pairs up to 8. So great for a welly-wearing family. You can check them out HERE.

Floor wooden Wellington boot Rack stand available in different sizes 3-8 pairs of welly boots.
Floor wellington boot rack – various sizes and personalisation optional – Starts at £65

Other items you may need in your decluttering process are 

Coat Racks

Is your coat rack big enough? Although you may have a declutter and rearrange of your coats, at the end of the day we can underestimate how many coats we use for different occasions.  A coat rack that is constantly bursting is not easy to use or find the coats you require. The best option is to opt for a larger coat rack.

decluttering and spring cleaning - Choose the right size coat rack for your purpose the same with your welly boot rack.
Coat racks available with 4,6 or 8 Hooks – starting at £55

You can shop for them HERE. – Why not make a statement and personalise it. You can check out my blog ‘How to make your home unique with personalised home decor‘ for inspiration on how to personalise your items.

Key Racks

If your key collection needs organising. This key rack set may be for you. It will certainly give your keys a home and make them identifiable. Shop Key Racks HERE.

Keys cannot be identified and a key rack is required.
A jumbled mess of keys need to be decluttered.
Key rack - this unique design helps you get organised, the same goes for your welly boot rack.
Key rack with a set of 5 keyrings of your choice – £35

4.Declutter First:

Before cleaning, declutter your space. Sort through items and decide what to keep, donate, or discard. Ask yourself if you’ve used the item in the past year and if it brings you joy or serves a purpose.


5.Use the 4-Box Method for decluttering and spring cleaning: 

Label four boxes or bags: Keep, Donate/Sell, Bin, and Unsure. As you go through each item, place it in the appropriate box. This method streamlines the decluttering process. Having everything go into a box or bag makes it so much easier at the end. When you have finished decluttering the room go through the not sure box again. As know you have gone through the process you may be clearer in your decision-making.  Often causing you to instantly decide to Bin, Keep or Donate.

When decluttering use the 4 box method.
When decluttering use the 4 box method

6. Cleaning

Ideally remove everything from the area possible before you start your cleaning. Pull furniture away from walls so you can hover around the back and underneath. Remember to wipe down the skirting boards and the back of the furniture, before you put it back into place. You can also give the ceiling a dust with a soft brush. Its amazing how you will find webs up there. If needed this is the time to clean your carpets, and give windowsills a fresh coat of paint.

clean the skirting boards

7. Develop a System to your decluttering and spring cleaning: 

Establish a system for organizing items you decide to keep. Use storage bins, shelves, baskets, or drawer dividers to keep things neat and easily accessible.

Where possible keep items in a logical place. For instance, hang a lead rack near your door or a Coat rack so that you don’t have to go through the house to fetch a lead when you are all ready to go out the door with your dog.

You can shop for lead racks here.

A Lead rack will help you declutter and spring clean our home, and will look great next to your welly boot rack.
Lead racks – various engravings, sizes and hook options – Start at £25

8. Follow the “One In, One Out” Rule: 

For every new item you bring into your home, try to get rid of one item. This helps prevent clutter from accumulating again in the future.


9. Get into the habit of regular decluttering: 

Set aside time each week or month for maintenance cleaning and decluttering. This prevents clutter from piling up, and keeps your space organized in the long run. Encourage family members to put items away in the correct place. Wellies on the welly rack, Coats on the Coat rack and Leads on Lead racks.


10.Get Rid of Paper Clutter: 

Sort through paper clutter like old receipts, bills, magazines, and paperwork. If you have a place this tends to gather. (for me its the hall table.) where I put the post. Consider a filing system such file boxes that can live nearby where you can store these items neatly straight away. 

Remember to schedule in decluttering your paperwork
Remember to schedule in decluttering your paperwork.

11. Find ways to be more organised: 

How do you store your keys? Are they in a bowl on a side table, or on small hooks where it’s hard to identify whose keys are whose?

Our unique key rack which comes with a choice of 5 different keyrings is an ingenious way to store your keys. Where each key can be seen and identified by the keyring. Makes you far more organised and helps you to save time too. Purchase Key Rack sets HERE.

Organise your key collection with this unique key rack
Key rack and 5 keyrings of your choice – £35
Some of the keyrings avaliable with our key rack
Some of the keyrings available to choose from.

12. Don’t Forget the Dogs clutter & Garden clutter: 

Spring cleaning isn’t just for inside spaces. Take some time to declutter your shed, potting shed, and greenhouse, you may also need to declutter your seed collection if you are a passionate gardener.



Declutting your shed and garage a Tool rack can help
A Tool rack will help you declutter your garage or shed. starts at £65


wooden Seed Box with clear engraved lid
High quality unique Seed Box – Starts at £70

You can find a seed box here to help you get organised.

By following these tips, you can make your decluttering and spring cleaning process more manageable and effective, you can shop for products to help you get organised for your Home and gardening equipment HERE.

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