10 Gardening gift ideas for Christmas

wooden Seed Box with clear engraved lid

I have put together a handy guide to our 10 gardening gift ideas for Christmas in price order so there is something for stocking fillers starting at £5.50 right up to our Seed Box, Organiser Gift set at £72.00

It includes reasons why these items are great for gardeners. – I’m sure you will be able to find something for that gardener in your life.

1. For the Gardener who loves to harvest their own seeds

Seed Envelopes – £5.50

These are a set of 15 handprinted envelopes to harvest seeds. They are printed with reminders on to document the vital information regarding the seeds/plants that have been harvested. Made from recycled paper and gummed for sealing. A really great inspiration to get them collecting and harvesting their seeds.

These are a nice little stocking filler for any Gardener. Get some here.

Seed Envelopes - For harvesting seeds

2. For the Gardener who would love to get their seed collection in order.

Seed packet Divider/Organisers cards £7.

For a lot of gardeners planting their seeds is a very exciting time of year and they really treasure their seed collection.  How about helping them get more organised?

These are a pack of 3 sets of Divider cards. 2 sets have been left blank, as people have different preference on how to organise their seeds, whether its into vegetable type, colours, or different type of flowers. They can choose how to organise them. For the 3rd set I have printed these with the months. As I think it’s important that you can see at a glance when seeds are due to be sown and you don’t waste them.  So these are really great to help the gardener in your life get organised and feel under control of their seed collection.

You can purchase them here.

Seed Box Organiser Cards

3. For a Gardener who loves Herbs in their kitchen.

Herb Planter Box – £19.99

Designed to sit proudly on your window sill or in your kitchen this Chester & Cooke Herb Planter makes an ideal gardening gift for the food lover, and gardener. The beautiful quality design adds style to any home. Most supermarket potted herb will fit neatly into the planter, just in case you can’t wait for them to grow or need to refresh them. We would recommend either using saucers with your pots or using the plastic liner included. (just reuse an old thick mailing bag will do.) – Or why not look at our kit below.

Purchase your Herb Planter Box here

Herb Planter Box

4. For any Gardener who wears wellies or needs help to get their shoes Off.

Head gardener Boot Jack £21.99 – A great Practical Gardening Gift

At this time of year when the earth is all sticky, most gardeners will have their wellies on standby for the garden or allotment.  Why not give them a helping hand to get those wellies off. We do 15+ different engravings of our Boot Jacks including Head Gardener, but if you want to make them extra special, we can also personalise them for you too. Find them here.

You can also check out my 5 reasons to use a boot jack blog here.  – I’m sure it will show you how beneficial they can be.

Boot Jack - Head Gardener

5. For the Gardener who likes decorations and signs

Garden Sign – Personalised Gardening gift £22.00+

I love to make personalised Gifts and what a better gardening gift than a personalised sign.

You can choose the material, smooth or textured, the design, the wording, the font and how it is fixed, hung or screwed. So, it really does make it unique.

Shop Gardening signs here.

Personalised Garden Sign

6. For Anyone who likes to Grow Herbs and Loves Cooking.

Herb Planter Kit – £29.99

The beautiful quality design of our Herb Planter Box adds style to any home. It comes in either brown or grey to suit your décor. The kit comes with Peat Free Soil – Check out our blog on why we use Peat free.

3 pots and saucers and a collection packet of windowsill herbs for you sow. It is presented in beautiful packaging, perfect for that Gardening gift or for the keen chef in your life. A great Christmas gift.

Most supermarket potted herb will fit neatly into the planter just in case you can’t wait for them to grow or need to refresh them.

You can purchase a herb Planter Kit here.

Herb Planter Kit


7. For A Gardener who owns Wellies.

Welly Rack – £50+

These, I must say, are one of my favourite products I have designed, I think because they really look great and have that ability to organise your very important welly collection.  – I have written a blog on 5 reasons to use a welly rack. As it really does help you keep your wellies in top notch condition.

For a Gardener these are brilliant to hang up their wellies after an afternoon down the allotment or being busy in the garden, It is great for wellies to have their own place to call home.

We do a range of sizes from 2 pairs up to 5 pairs with the option to have a shelf, which I designed to hold your walking boots or smaller toddler wellies. It also has a very handy utility hook to hang your Boot Jack, or secateurs on.  – Why not make it an extra special gift and select the personalised option.

Did you know my WOW moment of 2021 was when ITV ‘Love your weekend’ asked to feature my welly rack on their show.  – I was beyond thrilled.  Read about it here.

What the Customers say…..

Mr Sydoo on 27 Jan, 2021  5 out of 5 stars    

This is incredible, such attention to detail and exquisitely created to provide a very stylish solution to the problem of how/where to store muddy wellies. The sellers communication was spot on and the handwritten note was a lovely touch, I am pleased to be able to support a small homegrown seller particularly given the circumstances at present. Love it, don’t hesitate and order one; think I will order the boot remover to match!

Welly Rack

You can purchase your welly Racks here. 

8. For the Gardener who needs a place to store their tools.

Tool Rack – £55+

I created this unique design with the purpose of storing your tools neatly but compactly, yet it still is really stylish, our standard engraving is ‘Tools’. Your loved one will be the envy of the allotment, they will really want to show it off if they open their garden on National Garden Week. The wonderful design allows you to hang all your garden tools, neatly in a compact space. It has been uniquely designed so different shaped handles fit perfectly into the allotted holder.

For convenience hand tools can be hung from the side arms, 4 tools in total, how great is that! – Now they will never loose that trowel or their secateurs if they remember to hang them up of course. – This is another product we can personalise for you to make it an extra special gardening gift, what would you write?

A must for any gardener, perfect as that gardening gift it will look wonderful in your loved ones potting shed or garage or wherever they choose to hang it.

Get your loved one a Tool Rack here.

Garden Tool rack


9. For the Gardener who needs to upgrade their seed storage.

Seed Box – £57.99+

Now this product is my pride and joy, this really is a box to treasure.  This review sums it up for me……

Stewart on 12 Feb, 2021 5 out of 5 stars    

This item was way better than I expected. When my partner opened it up on his birthday, he was truly amazed. He couldn’t stop saying wow it’s amazing. He even said it was the porche of the seed boxes. With the option of having it personally engraved made it that little more special. What a well-made , beautiful , high end piece of craftsmanship. Worth every penny and as another costumer wrote “Now too good for the garden shed”. I would definitely recommend this product to anyone who likes that extra special touch. I contacted the company and they got back to me straight away. Excellent costumer service, excellent product !!! THANK YOU!!!


This is the Gold star of gardening gifts – We do 2 colours grey and Brown, and designed it with leather handles and catch for the lid and the option of brass or diamante stud closure. Again, we can personalise the lids. This beautiful box is packaged in an attractive wrap which reveals the engraving and really turns it into a special gift you will be excited and proud to give.  It really is a gift your loved one will treasure, purchase one here.

10. For the Gardener who needs to get organised with their seed collection.

Seed Box, Divider and Seed Envelope Gift Set – £72.00

I have teamed up our beautiful seed box, with our divider cards and 2 sets of seed envelopes to bring you this gift set. A perfect gardening gift for that enthusiastic gardener. See the description of the products above.

Purchase one for your loved you here.

If you decide to purchase one of our seed Box gift sets you know you will be in good company as Alan Titchmarsh also has one – See what he said here.

Seed Box - Grey with Packaging

I hope you have enjoyed looking through our Gardening gift ideas for Christmas and I hope this has inspired you for a gift for your gardening, loving friend or family member. If you have any questions please get in touch by emailing me, Liz, at sales@chesterandcooke.co.uk.

Thanks for reading — Liz

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