What is a Engraved Boot Jack and How do You use it?

Boot jack by a garden shed.

An Engraved boot jack is a strange term and don’t worry if you don’t know what it is or what it does, your not alone.  It is also know as a boot remover, which gives you a clue about what it is used for.

What is an Engraved Boot Jack

A Boot Jack or you may prefer the term Boot Remover is a simple tool designed to help you remove your boots without needing to bend over or use your hands to pull your wellies, boots, or shoes off.  Yes, it can be used on all footwear not just boots.

It consists of a flat base on a wedge which sits on the floor, this means the foot plate is at an angle, It has a U-shaped cutout at one end. The U-shaped part is designed to grip the heel of your footwear while the flat base provides stability.

This is a Boot remover, this is wooden and is engraved with gone for a walk.
Chester & Cooke Boot Jack £20.00 with the choice of 15+ engraving option or personalisation available.

There are lots of reasons why to use a boot jack including, keeping your hands and house clean and to avoid aches and pains from bending and pulling.  You can read all about the benefits of using a boot jack HERE.

How do you use a Boot Jack or Boot remover

  1. Put the Boot Jack on the Floor: Set the boot jack on a stable, flat surface.
  2. Place one foot on the flat surface: of the boot jacks foot plate.
  3. Put your heel from the other foot in the U shape: You are now ready to use the boot jack and pull off your footwear.
  4. Pull Your foot back and out of your welly: Use the boot jack’s leverage by pulling your foot up and out of the boot. The U-shaped cutout will grip the heel, making it easier to slide your foot out.
  5. Repeat for the Other Boot: Repeat the process for the other boot.
  6. Hang your boot Jack up: so you know where it is next time you need to use it.

Someone removeing their boots with a Boot Jack, Boot remover.

Why use a Boot Jack?

Using an engraved boot jack can be especially helpful when dealing with tight or high boots.  Thus reducing the effort required and prevents you from having to bend over. Therefore this can be beneficial for people with back issues or limited mobility. You can read about more of the benefits in ‘5 reasons to use a Wooden Boot Jack’.

Why is a Chester & Cooke Boot Jack unique?

There are 3 distinct reasons why my Design is unique from all other brands.

  1. I have designed my Chester & Cooke boot jacks to have a smaller child’s wedge at the bottom.  Therefore the boot jack can be used for little feet. Children love to use a boot jack and feel independent, it also helps to prevent you getting in a muddy mess removing their boots.
  2. We have a range of engraving options, from grandparents, to hobbies such as Head Groom and Head gardener.  To our popular phrase of ‘Boots Off!’ meaning we are sure to have a gift for your loved one.
Personalised wooden shoe remover with a leather strap to hang it engraved with a personalised saying
A quirky phrase on a Boot jack for a 60th Birthday present

3. Our Engraved Boot Jacks also come with a leather hanging strap as standard to hang from your welly boot rack.  So you will always know where it is.

wall mounted welly rack - with a hook
Our Welly racks have a utility hook perfect for hanging your Boot Jack.

Engraved Welly Racks

At Chester & Cooke I have designed, and we make both wall mounted welly racks and free standing welly racks. They both can be personalised and are perfect to store your wellies keeping them in the best possible condition.  You can shop Welly Racks and Boot Jacks HERE.

I hope it has made it clearer for you what an Engraved Boot Jack or Boot remover is. How you use it and a few of the really good reasons you should be using one.

Thanks for reading


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