5 dog products for a wet dog walker this soggy Spring

shaking the water off

Well I don’t know about where you live but throughout this winter all our surrounding land has been flooded and every dog walker is getting really soggy.  Going into spring will be the same, as this rain is just not holding up. So here are 5 dog products to help make it a little more bearable with a wet dog.

1.A welly rack for a dog walker to store their wellies

Welly boots are essential, the ground is so sodden that the mud is awful. Wellies are definitely the way to go for a dog walker. But a lot of wellies are not cheap items of footwear.  We need to look after them in a way that will really get the longest life out of them. If you use a Welly Rack to store your Wellies, this will help to prolong there life. Not only that your wellies will be at hand when you need them and with our Chester & Cooke welly rack it has an added bonus of a utility hook to hang your leads really to get out the door.

Wellington racks by Chester & Cooke are available in different sizes, with or without a shelf. Starting at £55 SHOP Welly holders

They can be personalised or come with the standard engraving of Wellingtons.

A wall mounted brown Welly Rack engraved with welly boots. holding 5 pairs of wellies.
Personalised Wall mounted welly racks Start at £55


Dog walker essential - standard engraving of wellingtons on a welly rack
5 pair wellington rack with our standard engraving of Wellingtons

How about a Free standing welly rack for a dog walker

If you don’t have wall space for our wall mounted version we also sell free standing welly racks. These can also be personalised and will keep your floors tidy and keep the mud off the floor. This version can either be plain or have personalised engraving. Thy come in various sizes from 3 pairs up to 8. 

Floor wooden Welly Rack stand available in different sizes 3-8 pairs of welly boots.
Free standing welly holder comes in sizes of 3 pairs up to 8 pairs starting at £65


Close up of floor standing welly rack stand a essential when you have a wet dog.
Personalised free standing welly holder


2.My next dog walker essential is a Boot Jack

When you come in from a walk both you and your pawfect pal are soaking, when you have a wet dog the last thing you want to do is have trouble taking your wellies off.  Give yourself a helping hand with one of our dog products a wooden engraved boot Jack..  There are quite a few good reasons why you should use one which you can read about here – 5 reasons to use a Boot Jack.  Such as keeping your wellies in tip top condition. But for ease of de-robing your wet cloths and dealing with your dogs is enough in this soggy weather.

I have designed my boot jacks with a handy child’s wedge so children can take their own wellies off. 

I have 15+ different engravings to choose from so i’m sure there is something that will tickle your fancy. Gone for a walk is my favourite for a dog walker. You can hang it up on the door as you leave to let your family know you are out on a walk.

A Boot Jack - gives a helping hand when you are removing your wellies.
A Boot Jack is so much of a help when you are removing your wellies. Especially when you have a wet dog. £21.99 or you can even personalise these too.


A Dog product that helps a dog walker especially when you have a wet dog is a boot jack
A Boot Jack takes the struggle out of removing your wellies.

 3. A dog walker needs natural dog soap for a wet dog.

On returning from your walk, chances are your wet dog is now a different colour and possibly smelling rather wiffy. It’s time for that bath and get out your dog products.  I am passionate about reducing our waste so I wanted to make and sell dog soap that wasn’t in a plastic bottle.  So I explored soap bars and came up with these amazing soaps on a rope. Made from all natural ingredients, and no nasties.  They will help your dog to look and smell great again. They come in 2 sizes and in 3 scents. 

You can purchase your Dog soap here or you may want to try them out with our trial pack which also includes paw balm. You can purchase the dog soap and paw balm gift set here.

A product every dog 0wner should have is natural dog soap especially for muddy dogs.
Natural dog soap on a rope – start at £6.95


Dog product - trial pack of Dog shampoo bars & Paw balm - a great gift for a dog walker
Dog soap and paw balm gift set – £22.95 gives a great saving.


4. A wet dog essential is a Drying coat

Whether they have had a bath or not, every dog walker needs to get their pup dry and also protect their furniture. Chester has a wonderful coat from Ruff and Tumble which I highly recommend. They dry your dog so quickly almost as if by magic. They have hind leg straps to help keep it in place. A belly strap which covers most of their tummy so it dries under there too.  They also have a nice high neck to get them dry. Ruff and Tumble are a small growing business based in Norfolk are really popular and even have a fan club, where people get a little obsessed with getting the new colour when it comes out. Chester has a lovely red one with Union Jack trim. (my favourite) and also the French Navy. He is so snug and warm after a wet walk. Definitely an essential dog product.

Nelson has a posh one with his name on it also in red. 

A Ruff and Tumble drying coat
Chester is modelling the Ruff & Tumble French Navy Drying coat and drying out after a walk.
wet dog essential is a drying coat
Nelson in his personalised brick red drying coat.

5. A dog product which is a must to get your wet dog cosy is a good quality Dog Bed.

After your dog has had a good walk, and is drying off they need somewhere to rest.  It’s really good for your dog to have somewhere where they feel relaxed and comfortable so a good quality bed is essential.

But you also want it to look good in your house. At Chester & Cooke we sell tweed cushions which are super cosy and look great.  They come in 2 size, medium for Jack Russel’s and cocker spaniel size dogs and the large which is for a Lab size dog.

I also make wooden beds which again can be purchased on there own or as a combination with the tweed cushion.  All of our wooden beds are personalised which included within the price.

From my experience dogs like to feel enclosed and supported and hence why I designed our wooden beds. They are wipe clean and have a dropped front entrance to make it easier especially for older dogs to go to bed.

You can learn more about our dog beds HERE.

Tweed dog cushion
Tweed dog cushion – start £65 2 sizes medium and large


Wooden dog bed with tweed cushion. Personalised with your dogs name.
Our wooden beds come in various sizes and start at £160 including personalisation and the tweed cushion.



I hope you have enjoyed reading about the 5 essentials for dog walkers this soggy spring. Hopefully these items may ease the miserableness of walking in the rain or across a soggy field. You can check out my dog products HERE to shop for these essentials.

Thanks for reading …. Liz x

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