Why use a dog bowl stand?

Reasons to use a Dog bowl stand

Ever wondered why people use dog bowl stands? Well let me help you answer that question.  Here are 5 reasons why use a dog bowl stand.

Why use a dog bowl stand – reduce stress on joints and bones. 

Raised Dog bowl stands are a great idea for older dogs especially if they have arthritis. 

As dogs get older, like people, they will suffer with joint ache and pains. Certain dogs are more prone to conditions, such as arthritis, like  the German Shepherd and Labrador.  But this article will show you 25 dog breeds that are prone to different types of arthritis.  So it’s a good idea to be aware and help save their joints.


Elevated dog bowls naturally help your dog’s posture while eating.  Because they are raised  off the ground, the dishes are at a more comfortable height.  And will help reduce neck, back and joint pain. Make sure to find the right height for your dog, so they will benefit the most from their raised feeding station.

Why use a dog bowl stand - less strain on joints


Can help with digestion

Raised dog bowl stands were first invented as a way to help prevent bloat. 

Bloat refers to two conditions: 

GD (Gastric Dilation) This causes a dog’s stomach to fill with gas.  Which is very serious and very painful.

and GDV (Gastric Dilation Volvulus) this is the same as above but the stomach will start to twist on itself. This will cut off the circulation and blood flow to the stomach.

Both conditions are life threatening.  – symptoms of bloat are rapid breathing, yawning, trying to vomit with no success, anxious, restless, bloated painful stomach and abdomen.

If you are worried, call the vet straight away.

Bloat is usually caused by dogs eating fast and taking in a lot of air. It is thought that the new eating position will help slow down fast eaters and therefore reduce the amount of air intake.


Black Lab

Why use a dog bowl stand – Helps swallowing while eating.

If your dog has a problem swallowing, a dog bowl stand may help the issue. Any problems swallowing should be investigated.  As there is a list of causes from, something being stuck in their throat to abscesses and longer term problems like muscle weakness.

Here is a great article which will help you understand this issue more.


A Dog bowl stand changes the angle of the dogs neck while feeding and therefore will not have the issue of fighting gravity while feeding.  Causing the process to be easier for your dog to swallow, and therefore making them more comfortable.

Why use a dog bowl stand - it gives a better position the dogs of head for swallowing

Keeps your dogs feeding station tidy

A Dog bowl stand will tidy up the bowls on the floor, which are precarious for people to trip over to a stylish area that is clean and tidy. The Chester & Cooke Dog bowl stand is designed so the smooth top surface is easy to clean, so you can tidy up any water spills or food. The top lip is great for picking up the stand to move, so it is really easy to clean underneath and mop the floor. (far better than having to pick up several bowls). You can purchase a Chester & Cooke Dog bowl stand here.

small dog bowl stand - Stylish yet neat and tidy

Why use a Dog bowl stand  – It will help stop dogs playing with their bowls, or sliding them around.

Most dog bowls will be on a smooth floor. The type of surface that is slippery and easy to push a bowl around.  – That’s a great game for a dog.  A game that can make a lot of mess.

A dog bowl stand will help to solve this problem. No more bowls being pushed around or knocked over.

They may not be doing it as a game but are perhaps an enthusiastic eater. If this is the case a bowl siding around can be quite frustrating and actually cause problems such as rushing to eat or anxiety.  A dog bowl stand will make the whole meal time experience a lot calmer and less stressful.

A dog bowl stand stop dogs playing with bowls.

A dog bowl stand with extra storage

At Chester & Cooke I have designed a dog bowl stand that you can also make use of all the extra room underneath. Perfect to hide away those dog towels, dog drying coats or some toys. This extra storage is available in my medium and large size stands. The stands come with bowls and personalisation or a design included in the price.  You can purchase yours here.

Storage inside a medium dog bowl stand


Dog bowl stands - available in 3 sizes

I hope that has answered your question of why use a dog bowl stand? You can purchase Dog bowls stands here, the price includes the bowls and personalisation or the design of a paw print or the word- woof!

For more dog products, home, garden or equestrian products you can check out my products here.

Thanks for reading and I hope you get your dog comfortable while he or she has their meals.


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