5 features to look for in a Kindling holder

Wooden kindling box held in front of a log store

There are so many Kindling holders on the market.  To help you make your decision I have compiled a short blog to point out what features to look for in a Kindling holder. So you know you are making the right purchase.

  1. The 1st feature to look for in a Kindling Holder is… it has to be of high quality and look good

Its so comforting to sit by the fire and enjoy your evening relaxing. Your eyes will naturally be draw to the fireplace. You want to feel happy with your fireside accessories. You don’t want to think ‘that Kindling Holder looks really cheap’ or use something that will ‘just do for now’ which you will always be wanting to change.

Choose your Kindling Box wisely. Think will you enjoy looking at it? Does it shine quality? Does it make your home Unique? – With a Kindling box from Chester & Cooke we have the added option of personalising your Kindling Box. For only £10 extra, a small price to make your fireplace unique and special.  It will be a Kindling box you will enjoy looking at.

If you need some inspiration of how to personalise you can have a look at my blog How to make your home unique with Personalised Home Décor


Metal bucket being used to store sticks
A metal bucket is not an attractive storage solution for Kindling.


This glowing review from Bob on Trust pilot. Speaks volumes about the quality of our Kindling box.



personalised kindling box next to a log burner
A high quality personalised kindling box made with love by Chester & Cooke available from £36.99


  1. Size is an important consideration for a Kindling Holder

    Your Kindling Holder needs to be a good size that it will hold enough sticks to start 3 or 4 fires. A Kindling box any smaller is a waste of time.  You will always be running outside for more sticks.  What’s the point in that.  Although it doesn’t want to be much bigger than that.  You only have a limited amount of space around your fire. You need room for the log basket and accessories too.

    Kindling box on a log storage container with red fire gloves
    A Chester & Cooke Kindling box holds enough sticks for 3-4 fires.


  1. A must have feature to look for in a Kindling Holder is… It’s got to have a handle, that you only need to use one hand.

    If your doing you daily preparations for laying your fire, chances are, when you are carrying your Kindling in, you will probably have a bag of logs or something in the other hand.  You need a good secure handle on your Kindling box to carry it. Giving you confidence that you won’t be dropping it all. You don’t want a basket that you need to have to carry with 2 hands.  This means a second trip outside to get everything else you need.


A kindling Box with 2 handles
A kindling basket that requires 2 hands to carry can make your collection of sticks hard work.


 4. My 4th feature to look for in a Kindling Holder is that its got to be easy to clean.

One of the reasons I designed my Kindling Boxes from wood and especially the unique material that I use with the hexagonal pattern is that it is easy to clean.  The inside can easily be dusted out. All those little bits of wood and dust can easily be tipped out.

Not like a rattan or wicker basket which holds all the little pieces in the nooks and crannies. Or a rustic style box which is made with thin strips of wood with gaps in between, for all the little bits and pieces to fall through.

The idea is to keep your fireplace and carpet looking clean and tidy. So an easy to clean Kindling holder is a key feature to look for.

When you take your box outside to collect your sticks, your Kindling box can get dirty. You want to know that you can clean it.  Our Kindling boxes are all wipe clean with a damp cloth and they will look fabulous.


A wicker Kindling Holder
A wicker Kindling Holder will be hard to clean out of all the dust and debris


  1. My final tip when looking for a Kindling Box is make sure its practical.

There are some lovely storage items out there for you to store your Kindling in but are they going to do the job they need to do?

The basket below for example looks nice but how annoying will it be when all those little pieces fall through the holes and get wedged into your carpet and then into your foot.   EEEEEK it doesn’t bear thinking about a trip to A & E all because you choose the wrong type of storage for your Kindling.


Wire basket storage solution
This is not a practical Kindling basket – 2 hands needed, holes will drop debris, and also its too small.


Wooden Kindling Holder by Chester & Cooke
A high quality Kindling holder that is easy to wipe clean, is a great size, only needs 1 hand to hold and has the added option of being able to be personalised.

I hope learning about the features you need to look for in a Kindling Holder, will help you shop with confidence. Hopefully you can find a storage solution that will be practical, easy to clean, look great and easy to carry one handed.

Take a Look at our Kindling boxes, we have 2 standard engravings, ‘Kindling’ or ‘You lit the flame in my heart’ or they can be personalised.  When I design a product they must satisfy my list of requirements, namely they have to look great meet our high quality standard and do the job it is suppose to do, our boxes tick all these features and I guarantee will make you smile.

You can look at our Kindling holders here

Thanks for reading.

Liz X

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